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"[Vondara] was able to get over 85% direct discussion with the attendees – this was even better than expected – thanks!"

Mark Putter, Rockit


Own the Power of Voice with Vondara integrated marketing communication services.

Welcome to Vondara and get ready to raise your integrated marketing responses and sales performance to a new level with the most comprehensive suite of b to b marketing communications services for organizations of all sizes.

Using the uniquely persuasive power of the human voice Vondara offers integrated marketing with cold calling techniques and lead generation techniques proven to deliver sales and lead generation results.

The services delivered from our North American call center provide you with an unsurpassed ability to mix and match the b to be marketing communications services that will best deliver your sales performance objectives.

Take a look at the many ways you can own the power of voice communications and then contact our offices for a no obligation consultation to match our different services and your goals at the best possible price.