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"[Vondara] was able to get over 85% direct discussion with the attendees – this was even better than expected – thanks!"

Mark Putter, Rockit

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Multiply Sales Reps

  • Plug each sales rep into a system that makes touches in their own voice
  • Automate monthly, quarterly or annual follow-ups with B and C leads
  • Multiply your best rep’s efforts across larger territories

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Generate demand

  • Increase prospecting by thousands of messages per day
  • Fast, efficient cold calling of potential customers
  • Promote traffic to your website to learn of new products or services

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Increase attendance

  • Increase live event of web seminar registrations
  • Reminders of live events and web seminars
  • Follow-up events with thank-yous

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Nurture leads

  • Create contacting plans with planned sequence of touches
  • Prevent leads from slipping through the cracks
  • Make sure you're there when prospects are ready to buy

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Automate follow-up

  • Follow-up direct mail, email or online campaigns with additional touch
  • Client retention and appreciation calls
  • Maintain contact with B and C leads

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Qualify leads

  • Discover who is currently in the purchasing cycle
  • Complete surveys and questionnaires for market research
  • Identify and prioritize leads

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Set appointments

  • Book appointments with qualified prospects
  • Schedule your time in blocks to best improve your efficiency
  • Outsource the tedious process of securing appointments

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Make announcements

  • Deliver a specific voice such as that of a CEO, or President
  • Mass disseminate timely or critical information on short notice.
  • Update prospects and clients on new products or versions

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Build channel

  • VAR identification and recruitment
  • Communicate time sensitive special promotions or discounts
  • Offer pre-packaged marketing to channel that they can use

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Gather research

  • Verify phone numbers that are active or out-of-service
  • Find missing data fields to make it easier for sales team to contact accounts
  • Identify new replacements, titles, phone number, and more

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